Reviews For The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Welcome to Hipgnosis Theatre where we will be discussing relevant artists, works and pieces as well as provide reviews to certain performances.


While we’re sad to close The Caucasian Chalk Circle, we’re thrilled with the audience response and our excellent reviews. Here are a few selected quotes:

“…taken as whole, this group is the best large cast I’ve seen in quite some time on an Off Off Broadway stage – or Off Broadway, for that matter.”

-Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

“Director Margot Newkirk unifies all the pieces with a faithfully Brechtian aesthetic: When a baby is nothing but an artfully folded blanket and a rickety bridge is suggested by an actor’s wobbling arms, we are constantly aware that we’re watching a performance. And a skilled performance at that.”


“…a multiethnic cast of talented male and female actors to cleverly highlight issues of wealth, class, and property that continue to afflict our contemporary society.”